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WYNGZ™ Revolutionary RidezCool™ Saddle Pads

A better saddle pad ... keeps your horse cool and ventilated.
Experts agree that you'll get better performance from your horse if his spine is kept cool and ventilated!  Plus, if the withers and spine are kept free of pressure it allows greater freedom of movement in the shoulders. This is the promise of every RidezCool™ saddle pad.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed saddle pad. 
Wyngz™, a division of HorseSportz®, has developed a unique, lightweight, ergonomically designed line of saddle pads for all disciplines that help improve performance by keeping your horse cooler during the ride.  It is specially designed with air vent holes and a Wyngz air foil design to open airflow over the withers and spine. This durable pad comes with a two year warranty, and is recommended by many of the top riders in the world. You'll find a saddle pad to meet your needs whether you ride Western, English, Trail or Endurance.  

Wyngz RidezCool Saddle Pads are designed for every riding discipline, offering Western Saddle Pads, Endurance Saddle Pads and three different styles of English Saddle Pads to choose from.

Our Western Saddle Pads are for trail riding, performance events with one especially designed for the serious roper. 

Our Endurance Saddle Pads are designed to fit most endurance saddles, whether Western, German or English style. 

Our English Saddle Pads are designed for Hunt Seat, Jumping, Cutback or Dressage.Horse owners love the fact that all the RidezCool line of saddle pads are so easy to clean after a ride! You just "Hose 'N Hang". Your pad will be dry in a matter of minutes! That's it! No more mildew ... no more dirty smelly pads.

The RidezCool saddle pad is so innovative, offering so many benefits to horse and rider that you'll want to try it for yourself. And why not  ...  your satisfaction is guaranteed! *

Be sure to check out our  RidezCool Saddle Pads 12 Advantages  page that outlines our expert workmanship and superior design!  Then go to the product page for your particular style of saddle pad and order one, for your best friend’s protection, today!

* Wyngz RidezCool Saddle Pads offer a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.  If these saddle pads aren't everything we say,  just return them and we'll gladly refund your money, minus a small restocking fee.

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